Nowadays aesthetics has a special importance, and since the face and especially the mouth and teeth play an important role, the need has arisen for the development of aesthetic dentistry.

People love beauty and want to look beautiful, and in cases when there are problems in someone’s smile, then through specific techniques, super aesthetic materials and surgical interventions a perfect smile is realized. Below we explain some of the materials and techniques used:


Aesthetic Surgery of the Gums

This intervention consists of removing part of the bone and gums that surround the teeth. After this intervention, the gums are expected to heal for 6 weeks and then prosthetic work can be continued. This intervention is done in the following cases:

  1. Gummy Smile; are the cases when the gingiva (gums) of the person is very evident during a smile or a laugh. In these cases the level of the gingiva rises higher and then the teeth are coated with porcelain veneers (Laminate) or with porcelain crowns.
  2. In cases when the gums are enlarged, as a result of the use of various medicines or gum diseases, and cover a part of the teeth.
  3. In cases where we have a difference in the length of the first teeth. By interfering with the gingiva part we can make the teeth have the same length.
  4. In cases when the length of the tooth is insufficient to perform work on it, intervention is made by making an extension of the crown (Crown Lengthening).