Imes Icore 650i Milling Machine

CORiTEC 650i machine systems for the area of PREMIUM machines and PREMIUM requirements. The systems are offered with very attractive pricing and are equipped with high-quality industrial milling technologies, such as granite structure, linear drives in the linear axes, torque motors in the rotary axes, as well as digital absolute length measuring systems and powerful main spindles. The machine concept impresses with its precise, vibration-free and dynamic motion sequences in the demanding and complex metal working processes. All other relevant materials can also be milled or ground with high quality using this machine system.

Dental Wings 3 Series Scanner

The 3Series is a compact 3D scanner embedded with a powerful computer and offered in flexible CAD configuration. Designed to evolve with the growing needs of laboratories, the 3Series is an affordable solution to which additional DWOS® applications can be added any time. A customizable and affordable lab system The 3Series is an entry level plaster model scanner delivered with the DWOS crown and bridge application as basic configuration. It offers the ultimate flexibility for the lab wishing to embrace CAD/CAM technology at its own pace, while keeping costs to a minimum. As the business grows and requirements expand, complementary applications can be installed as needed.

Zirkon Zahn

As an alternative to Zirkonzahn’s complete solution, you have the possibility to import scan data from any third party or intraoral scanner and subsequently mill it with any Zirkonzahn milling unit. Open STL data from the S600 ARTI scanner as well as OBJ data from the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner can be loaded into any open modeling software for further processing. With the CAD/CAM Importation of STL-Files software module you can import any kind of open data from a third party CAD software directly into the Zirkonzahn. Nesting software allowing you to mill it with any Zirkonzahn milling unit.

Form Labs

The Desktop 3D Printer That Set the Standard The Form 2 set the standard for affordable, professional 3D printing. With the announcement of the Form 3, we have now stocked out of new Form 2 printers. We’ve introduced the Refurbished Form 2 Basic Package to extend availability for the Form 2 platform.

Vita Ceramic

Did the supplier do a good job with the pre-sorting?" VITA Zahnfabrik regularly inspects the quality and properties of feldspar rock which is the basis for ceramic dental materials, not just in the raw material warehouse but also directly at the site of the mine. Each individual stone is inspected by hand for impurities. Deposits of mica and quartz give information about the degree of purity. The expert knows: "The stones must always correspond to a typical appearance in order to be able to meet the VITA quality criteria during course of production." The geologist's experienced inspection is indispensable for this. Only the quality is verified in the pre-inspection are the stones washed, broken and sorted. In a second step, firing samples and chemical analyses provide more in-depth information about the quality of the raw material. Only the best feldspar then becomes the precious fine-structure feldspar ceramic from which all VITA veneering material lines are made. With computer support, the natural material is used in the form of the proven VITABLOCS in the milling unit. The unique CAD/CAM hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC is based internally on a porous fired fine-structure feldspar ceramic network, which is then infiltrated with a polymer under pressure and heat. Feldspar rock is the reliable basis for highly esthetic and biocompatible restorations with functional material properties. There is a piece of nature in every restoration.


The VITA VACUMAT 6000 M is a fully-automatic, microprocessor-controlled firing unit, ideal for all dental ceramic firing requirements. The furnace impresses with superb quality and esthetics, and offers outstanding firing results, user safety and convenience. Thanks to its optimum ergonomic design, the furnace only takes up a minimum amount of space. Two integrated cooling trays support safe storage of fired objects, while the captivating design, available either in one of six quality contemporary finishes, is a real eye-catcher for your work area.

The Programat EP 5000

The Programat EP 5000 is the highlight among the press furnaces. It sets new standards for dental press furnaces. The second generation of the Programat EP 5000 Combi furnace is easy to operate – thanks to its graphic high-resolution colour display with the convenient touch screen function and the proven membrane-sealed keypad. During the firing process, the operating status indicator informs users about the current status from heating up until cooling. The energy consumption in the stand-by mode can be reduced by up to 40 percent due to the integrated power-saving function.


ExoCad 3.0 Galway We use exocad DentalCAD software for various dental prosthetics product designs. ... Dental technicians who use exocad can easily complete even complex implant bar designs, which greatly enhances work efficiency. At the same time, exocad DentalCAD software is integrated with many of the world's scanner brands.