Zircon CAD / CAM is the newest and most modern method of designing teeth for patients. This latest word in technology brings a perfection in the design of new teeth while increasing the quality of the works.

This latest word of technology eliminates any human error in laboratories and increases the accuracy of the works.

Zircon bridges made of CAD / CAM structures are very efficient and aesthetic in the dental field. Some of its well known characteristics are:

it does not interact with other dental materials,
it is anti-allergic and 100% biocompatible,
it is a good insulator of cold and heat,
it is a perfect simulator of natural tooth,
and does not change color over time.

FULL ZIRCONIA is a ceramic material produced in Europe in 2003. It is one of the most contemporary materials, the most aesthetic and the strongest against chewing forces. Full Zircon is the biggest advantage in addition to strength compared to other Zircons, has the property to be produced in different shades as the natural teeth. It is hygienic, does not smell and irritate the gums.